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Escort and Companion website design & development.

I’m Sophie, and I bring with me over 7 years of professional experience as a freelance designer, and 3 years of experience in escort website design.


As someone deeply passionate about design and creativity, I am fully committed to helping you bring your dream website to life. I understand the significance of crafting a digital platform that embodies the distinct essence of your offerings and engages your target audience effectively. With a discerning eye for aesthetics and a grasp of the complexities involved, my goal is to create a website that not only reflects your brand identity but also delivers an outstanding user experience.

Throughout the design process, I will collaborate closely with you, valuing your input and taking into account your specific needs. Together, we will work to develop a website that not only aligns with your vision but also exceeds your expectations. Your website will serve as an enticing gateway, showcasing the unique qualities of your services and leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.

I invite you to embark on this creative journey with me, as I leverage my expertise, dedication, and passion to help you realize the website you’ve always envisioned.


I’m pleased to provide you with a range of website solutions to choose from. You can opt for either a one-page or multi-page website featuring a template design, or I can create a completely custom and unique website design tailored specifically to your needs.

Regardless of what you choose, you will receive full functionality which includes:

Full control over your website

Unlimited pages or sections

Mobile perfect


Booking form

Mailing list

Primary SEO

Google Analytics

Free technical support

One page template

Best choice if you’re just starting out or want a basic website.



*on selected designs

Developing and launch 1-3 days

The template design developed by me. Fonts, colors, and logo can be customized according to your preferences.

One page + disclaimer page (or popup)

Unlimited sections

Multipage template

Also best choice if you’re just starting out or want a basic website and you have a lot of content.



*on selected designs

Developing and launch 1-3 days

The template design developed by me. Fonts, colors, and logo can be customized according to your preferences.

Unlimited pages


Tailored web design solution crafted uniquely for you.


Developing and launch from 10 days

Any of your ideas and wishes will be realized.

Unlimited pages

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Please feel free to peruse my prior projects below to ascertain my dedication to design and professionalism.

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You can contact me directly via email, telegram, DM on socials, or use the contact form.

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If you cannot find the answer you’re seeking, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

I have a fixed rate - 349$ for onepage, 449$ for multipage, or 949$ for custom design

No, I do not require any additional fees.

You will handle the registration of the hosting and domain (this will give you maximum control over the website). The cost of the domain and hosting for the first year is approximately 50 USD / 48 EUR / 77 AUD.

Of course not. I will migrate and launch the website on your existing hosting with the already registered domain.

You can pay for my services through bank transfer or any cryptocurrency.

Yes, I ask for a deposit of 30% for custom design and 50$ for template design. Unfortunately, the deposit is necessary to avoid timewasters, I value my time, just like you do.

Yes, this is determined on an individual basis. Please write to me so that I can tailor comfortable conditions for you.

Firstly, I send you a questionnaire that I ask you to fill out (general questions about your design preferences for design). Once you send me the answers, based on that information, I create a design concept. If you want any changes, I make the revisions accordingly. When you are fully satisfied with the concept, I request the deposit to be transferred in order to start working on the full design. At the same time, I send you additional clarifying questions, font options, logos, and design elements. After a few days, I send you the complete design, and we work together on the details. Once the design completely meets your expectations, I create a live test website for you to interact with. We continue working on the details. When you are 100% satisfied with the live website, I request the remaining payment to be made. I assist you in registering hosting and domain and proceed to migrate and launch your website within 48 hours. I provide instructions on how to manage the website and information for accessing it. Everything is ready, your website is launched!

Custom design - up to two weeks. Template - up to three days.

Yes, if you need to expedite the process by a few days, it's free of charge. If you need to create and launch the website "yesterday," such a service is available but at an additional cost (the price depends on the complexity of the design).

Yes, absolutely! You will be able to manage the website yourself. My instructions are designed to be simple and informative. My goal is for you to be able to do everything on your own, without any assistance from me or anyone else.

No, I completely hand over control of the website to you. I will not have access to anything. If technical support or assistance is needed, I will request access from you.

The initial setup of SEO is included in the cost. However, if you want to achieve top rankings in search engines, I advise you to seek the assistance of SEO specialists.

Personally, I don't, but I collaborate with a copywriter, so that service is available.

You can reach out to my clients to get genuine feedback on my work and their experience of working with me.

Contact me. I do not charge for technical support.

The cost will depend on the amount of work required. My hourly rate is 130 USD. If the work takes less than an hour, you will only be charged for the actual time spent.

Redesign price starting 300$.

Yes, I can help you with the issue you're facing on your existing website, even if it was designed by another designer. Please provide me with details about the problem, and I'll do my best to assist you in resolving it.

Certainly. If you are developing a website with me, it is free of charge.

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